Mother’s With Skill

In the last year, we have gotten well acquainted with some extraordinary moms. These mom’s have been amazing enough share their recipes and cooking experiences with everyone on Rakish Eats. And boy do they have lucky kids who get to eat all their great food!



Kellye has brought some amazing gluten-free and vegan recipes to Rakish Eats even Chocolate Donuts, that kids like! She has the picture to prove it. She also taught us how to make tasty Rocky Road Chocolate quick and easily to satisfy our sweet tooth crisis late at night.

Cheri Raquel

Chef Cheri

Cheri has been very creative with her festive Pinecone Cheese Balls and her Colorful Eggless Pancakes.  Her Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast recipes won Recipe of The Month. We love and appreciate all of her recipes and pictures of her kids enjoying her food.

Chef Erin

Chef Erin

Ours truly, in-house Chef Erin works hard as a mother of one, not to mention all of her cats and dogs. She has delighted us with Game of Thrones recipes, all the holidays recipes, and even non edible recipes. One of the most impressive cooking Erin did was creating recipes for the 2 holidays in 1, Thanksgivukkah. Her Pumpkin Challah Donut Holes with Cranberry Filling were amazing!

These moms are amazing and we are so lucky to have them share their recipes and cooking! Check out more of their recipes here.

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs: The Science Experiment


After Easter’s disaster of hard boiled eggs with runny yolks and shells that stuck to the egg I decided it was time to figure out the secret to hard boiled eggs. And what better way then a science experiment! I read a bunch of different cooking blogs and recipes for hard boiled eggs and came to a hypothesis, which I tested in the kitchen. I probably should have done it a few different ways and made a diagram, but since they came out great the first time and I didn’t have a science fair to enter it in, I just did one test. Here’s how I found to make the perfect hard boiled egg:


Cold Water To Start

I covered the eggs in cold water an inch above them as I read to do in most of the recipes. I usually use cold water to boil eggs even in the batch that led to the Easter egg disaster, so I don’t know how much of a difference that really makes. I covered the eggs in about two inches of water for Easter, so that might have been too much.


Adding Vinegar or Salt

After reading adding half a teaspoon of salt to the water makes the eggs easier to peel I decided it was a good tip. But I didn’t use vinegar even though I kept reading to add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water to keep the egg whites from exploding out the cracks because it’s said to change the taste of the eggs.


Remove From Heat and Cover

Once the water boiled I read to remove it from the heat and cover for 12 minuted. I have always boiled my eggs for 12 minutes over heat, but it since it was an experiment I had to give it a try. I really thought I would be throwing out 8 eggs, but to my surprise the eggs came out perfectly cooked, not runny or chalky and over cooked.


Cooling Down

I cooled the eggs down with running them over cold water for less than a minute then putting them in an ice bath to make the shell easier to peel. I used to run cold water over them for a few minutes or so, but I feel guilty now because California is in a drought. My parents hippy ways are now my own. After the eggs sat in the ice bath for 5-10 minutes and felt cool I put them immediately into the refrigerator. Except one.



I had to eat an egg to check my hypothesis and turns out this is the way to make the perfect hard boiled eggs!

If you have any more suggestions or recipes for hard boiled eggs please share them on Rakish Eats, Twitter or Facebook.


How to Photograph Food Porn

Not all food is made as sexy as other food, but with photography tricks a Sloppy Joe can be as sexy as a Parfait.

Sloppy Joes Turkey

Lighting is Key

Everything looks better in natural light. The optimal lighting would come from a large window with a white curtain. But if you’re a midnight cooker or live in a basement you still can have good light. A 5000k light bulbs look close to daylight and a reflector, like white poster board, will help give if more of a full lighting effect. Don’t use your camera’s flash. It’s too harsh.


Get Up Close

You might have a gorgeous kitchen, but in food porn no one cares about the set. Do close ups and fill the frame with the food. In the close up focus on the part of the dish closest to you. Lastly use simple backgrounds and table clothes, white backgrounds especially. They help to lighten the dish and make it pop.

Cookie Close Up

Be Your Own Stylist

A dish goes through wardrobe too, except the garments are garnishes and the make-up is shiny sauces. Garnishes add color and texture to make a plain dish look fancy. Shiny sauces can do the same by giving a smooth finish. Another styling secret is to cut the food, especially breads and cake. As your own stylist pay attention to details and wipe away any smeared sauces and stray food.

Stylish Food


Time Is Of The Essence

Work quickly, once the dish is prepared it looks fresh and delicious for a short time. Melted cheese looks great, but after time it starts to congeal. And if meat sits too long more juices will escape and meat sitting in it’s own juices is not very attractive. So work quickly and take lots of pictures so you don’t have to reheat.

Chicken Yum

Document The Process

People enjoy the build up to the final product, so share it. Sometimes food even looks better in preparation than completed like chopped vegetables and meats for a stew.



If you’re not having fun, the food won’t be having fun either and that shows in the photos, so enjoy the photographing!

toast face
Share your food porn at Rakish Eats.


Game of Thrones Recipes That Would Satisfy Even King Robert’s Hunger

Game of ThronesWith Game of Thrones premier on April 6th, a taste for the fantasy and mystery grows. Satisfy the hunger like King Robert Baratheon would do and indulge in the delicious foods and drink of Game of Thrones with these recipes that are inspired by the books and show.


Honey Buns2Honeycakes

The book speaks of sweet cakes that are soaked in honey and taste rich and heavy. They sounded so delicious we went ahead and made our own using this description for inspiration. These Honeycakes are so good they could bring peace to the five kingdoms!



White BeansWhite Beans and Bacon

A normal side dish that would go along with any feast, like that thrown for King Robert by the Starks is white bean and bacon. While King Robert’s favorite part of a feast was probably not the side dishes he would still enjoy these  White Beans and Bacon


lemon barsLemon Bars

Sansa Stark loves her lemon cakes. It seems to be the only thing she enjoys anymore, so we created these Lemon Bars for Sansa.



file3371255135758Spiced Wine

Every meal in Game of Thrones must be accompanied by delicious drink, at least any meal Tyrion Lannister eats. Even though he is not from the north Tyrion enjoyed how they add honey, spices, and dried fruit, but never lemon to their wine. For Tyrion we made this  Spiced Wine.




Game of Thrones Red WeddinEnjoy the food and the show! But remember to be careful who you trust. They may invite you to a feast, just to massacre everyone!


Making A Winning Recipe

Family cookingCheri Cooks

Her family and friends love her cooking, so she decided to share her recipes. She posted one recipe on Rakish Eats, which automatically entered her into the Recipe Of The Month contest.


 VoteCheri Wanted To Win

She entered more recipes on Rakish Eats to increase her chances to win. She also had her friends, and family vote on her recipes. Then strangers started voting on her recipes.

CaramelCheri Did Win!

She crossed her fingers and hoped one of her recipe would win. Her finger crossing worked, her caramel recipe won!

Baking2How To Win Like Cheri Did

Now till the end of April any recipe posted publicly on Rakish Eats will be entered to win the next Recipe Of The Month. Voting is also open now till the end of April.

Perfect Pancake Day!


Avoid the screaming children and the ignored empty cup of coffee at IHOP by making the perfect pancakes yourself! It’s a lot less of a head ache especially with these helpful hints:


all-purpose flour and cake flour for the best consistency.

Pancake Flour


ingredients in the correct liquid or solid containers, for even more accuracy do it by weight.



the batter right before and whip it quick. It’s good to have lumps in the batter.

Pancake Mix


the pancakes when the heat of the pan can boil a drop of water immediately.



for the pancake to bubble before flipping.

Pancake in Pan


with berries, maple syrup, sardines, or whatever you like because you’re not restricted by a restaurant menu! Click here for pancake recipes or share your pancake recipes here!


Valentine’s Dinner To Get You Lovin’

KissThese Valentine’s dinner recipes will get you some lovin’. They are quick and easy recipes that lessen the chance of disasters and frustrations that destroy loving feelings, plus chinese take out after a failure is not very sexy. Since they are quick too it won’t take up all of Valentine’s Day to make them. Plus they won’t give anyone gas or an upset stomach so the romantic mood doesn’t change to that of a hospital. And lastly each of these recipes has more than one ingredient that is an aphrodisiac!

Rakisheats Blog Pic68

Orange Glazed Shrimp has very little cutting or prep, mostly just heat it up and add it all together! Super easy and full of aphrodisiacs! The recipe calls for three ingredients known for getting you in the mood asparagus, pepper flakes, and garlic. Plus because of the shrimp and being really different it makes for a very special meal.’ Click here for the recipe.

If shrimp turns you off…


Thai Red Curry is great for anyone because it can be vegetarian, gluten free,  and as spicy as you want, or don’t want! Beside avoiding stomach cramps and other dietary issues, this dish is as easy as chopping and throwing into a pot. It also has two aphrodisiacs, basil and cayenne pepper which increase circulation, body temperature, and heart rate. Making you feel the love! Click here for the recipe.

And for dessert!

Banana Bites

Frozen Almond Butter Chocolate Banana Bites a change from the classic chocolate covered strawberries. They are just as easy as chocolate covered strawberries, but you don’t have to search for strawberries that have a good taste. But the best part is the ingredients, all of which will get you and your lover in the mood.

Eat, love and make love 😉